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Stewart Title -the latest co-sponors for MIPIM Yes Oui Cannes

Updated: Feb 8

We are delighted to announce that Stewart Title have agreed to become our latest co-sponsor.

Stewart Title Limited is a specialist insurance company with over 30 years of experience providing a suite of title insurance products designed to cover against losses arising from title related risks in property transactions. They help law firms, lenders and their clients in proceeding safely and speedily towards completion through the use of our policies.

Cannes Cannes Express

Almost the last call for the fun-charged Cannes Cannes Express…there are a final few seats still available…so don’t miss out..!

Click HERE to email, register your interest, and put your name down.

Embarking on the Cannes Cannes Express for MIPIM 2024 isn’t just a journey; it’s a memory-laden adventure that’ll make your average train ride look like a snooze-fest. Picture this: as you step into the luxurious Eurostar and SNCF TGV carriages, you’re accompanied by impeccably dressed Companions who seem to have mastered the art of etiquette without having to break into song and dance.

The Cannes Cannes Express itself is a marvel, equipped with real seats, tables and a selection of food and beverages while you are whisked to the French Riviera’s spring sun. Forget boring announcements; your Cannes Cannes Express conductors guide you through the challenges of cross-Paris train travel and bring together a network of Companions.

As the Cannes Cannes Express chugs along, entertainment is not limited to the panoramic views. You can engage in debates about architecture, GDV and the best cafes to do business in Cannes.

The Cannes Cannes Express isn’t just a train; it’s a carnival on tracks, making it the undisputedly superior way to reach MIPIM 2024.

CLICK HERE for more about Cannes Cannes Express Etiquette

MIPIM Sports Classique

Spotlight on Co-sponsor Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers is an award-winning barristers’ chambers specialising in property, real estate, construction, insolvency, insurance and professional liability disputes work.

Known for its progressive outlook, it is run as a commercial business with a strong focus on client service. Its business culture is reinforced by an active CSR and E&D programme. Its members are consistently recognised and ranked in the leading legal directories, Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500, and three of its members were recently appointed as King’s Counsel.


Gatehouse Chambers has attended MIPIM for many years and has established a strong presence in Cannes. The team’s annual party will take place on Tuesday 12th March.


If you wish to schedule a meeting during your visit in Cannes, please contact a member of their team:

Amanda Illing, Chief Executive

D 020 7691 0014

James Duncan-Hartill, Practice Director

D 020 7691 0049    M 07841 779 163

Patrick Sarson, Senior Practice Manager

D 020 7691 0101    M 07738 183 540

Tickets for MIPIM Yes Oui Cannes 2024 are now on sale

This year, MIPIM Yes Oui Cannes 2024 takes place at Balls Brothers Minster Court, near Monument Station, on Wednesday, 6th March 2024, from 6pm.

Tickets cost £25 each, and most of the ticket sale goes to The Chandran Foundation

Tickets can be purchased by clicking the Yes Oui Cannes button below

We are still looking for more co-sponsors! If interested please contact

Spotlight on co-sponsor Gatehouse Chambers

MIPIM Tip #4 - Business Cards and QR Codes

Ensure you have an ample supply of business cards for your time at MIPIM! With numerous connections to be made, it's crucial for people to remember you.

Take a moment to assess your current stock, and consider replenishing it now. Creating a specialised card for MIPIM, perhaps featuring your photo and any personal messages, could be a thoughtful touch.

Running out of business cards in Cannes is the last thing you'd want!

Have you thought about digital business cards? Utilizing QR codes or NFC contactless business cards presents a modern and secure way to share essential information about yourself or your business. This can encompass details such as your name, address, phone number, website, photo, location, user bio, social media links, and much more.

And finally...

Don't forget to book your MIPIM delegate pass

The dates are Tuesday 12th March to Friday 15th March 2024.

Not only does your delegate pass get you into an amazing conference and exhibition. It also gives you contact details for all 25,000+ delegates. A priceless contact list that you should use after MIPIM itself.

Make sure you fill in your company's and your contact details, website and social media links. Then let others know what dates you are attending.

There is so much to experience when you register as a delegate.

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